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CSii Rotary Cam Switches

CSii offers a complete range of rotary cam switches. We build 3 basic types:

  • Our N series ranges from 15Amps – 130Amps UL listed
  • Our A and Z series range from 200Amps – 255Amps UL, ITH 315Amps; but we can parallel up to 2000Amps.
  • Our X series is our square lower cost option ranging from 12Amps – 40Amps UL.

Control Switches provides on-site switch assembly in our UL approved shop. We can supply a switch to meet your particular specifications or requirements. Our quick turn-around on custom switches puts us ahead of the competition.

Typical switch applications include: bypass, transfer, change-over, voltmeter, ammeter, step, code, reversing, multi-speed or any control switch configuration. We carry a large inventory of standard switches in our warehouse or we can build to order with a 24-48 hour turn-around. Call us for your urgent requirements.

Our on-site engineering department can help configure the best design for your application. All Csii cam switches are available as open type, with pigtails, enclosed, or wired into a complete control panel (in our UL shop).

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Specific Switch types

Contact us with your special requiremts