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CSii Rotary Cam Switches

CSii offers a complete range of rotary cam switches. We build 3 basic types:

  • Our N series ranges from 15Amps – 130Amps UL listed
  • Our A and Z series range from 200Amps – 255Amps UL, ITH 315Amps; but we can parallel up to 2000Amps.
  • Our X series is our square lower cost option ranging from 12Amps – 40Amps UL.

Control Switches provides on-site switch assembly in our UL approved shop. We can supply a switch to meet your particular specifications or requirements. Our quick turn-around on custom switches puts us ahead of the competition.

Typical switch applications include: bypass, transfer, change-over, voltmeter, ammeter, step, code, reversing, multi-speed or any control switch configuration. We carry a large inventory of standard switches in our warehouse or we can build to order with a 24-48 hour turn-around. Call us for your urgent requirements.

Our on-site engineering department can help configure the best design for your application. All Csii cam switches are available as open type, with pigtails, enclosed, or wired into a complete control panel (in our UL shop).

Type N Cam Switches

15 - 130 Amps, UL/CSA Rated

Csii's N Series switches are intended for multiple switching operations in main as well as auxiliary circuits. They can have up to 12 positions and 15 stages, 30o, 45o, 60o, and 90o angles are possible. However if more contacts are required, Csii can offer our tandem operator to achieve this goal.

A large variety of optional extras, including gold contacts, locking devices, door clutches, signal lamps, etc are available.

Type AZ Cam Switches

200 amps; 315 amps, UL/CSA Rated

Csii's A and Z series switches have high making and breaking capacities and a long operational life and are available up to 12 positions with 30, 60, or 90 degree throw.

Higher amperages are obtained by paralleling the contacts and providing heavy duty busbar.

Three column tandem units allow for highly customized designs.

Type X Cam Switches

12 - 40 Amps, UL/CSA Rated:

These switches are designed with flat sides (for side to side mounting) and finger proof terminals. Many different mounting options and accessories are offered. Purchase an open type, enclosed type, panel mounted or base mounted switch. Key operators, padlock devices, and door couplings are also available.

Csii’s low cost X series cam switches are available with switching angles of 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees. This allows the possibility of 12 switching positions . These switches are available for both main and auxiliary circuits.

Csii’s California location carries a large inventory of “standard” switches, or we can build a custom switch per your required specs.

Specific Switch types

Contact us with your special requiremts