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Schlegel Operators Devices, OKTRON R Series

Schlegel series OKTRON-R
Dimensions (mm)
Panel cutout: Ø16mm
Front dimension: Ø25mm
Front bezel height: 7mm
Travel 3mm

Catalog (PDF-20Pg)


Schlegel’s Oktron R series is a trend setter for flat control units due to a shorter stroke of only 3mm.  This series also allows for a smaller mounting depth.  Its attractive design includes the option of a metallic or charcoal colored bezel. If you prefer a square operator, the Oktron series is the square version of the Oktron R series.

Suitable Contact Blocks
BTL Contact Block



3mm travel

Lamp socket T5.5K (telephone slide base) or W2x4.6d (wedge base)

Connection = Fast-on terminals 2.8x0.8mm or PCB mount terminals or screw connections

C Contact Block


3mm travel

Lamp socket T5.5K (telephone slide base)

Connection = PCB mount terminals