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Schlegel Operators Devices, QUARTRON-JUWEL Series

quartron juwel
Dimensions (mm)
Panel cut out: 24 x 24mm
Front dimensions: 27 x 27mm
Front bezel height: 2.5mm
Travel: 6mm


Schlegel’s Quartron Juwel control units mount closely to each other. The 2mm high borders of the actuators allow for flush-mounted control panels. They have a rugged design and are suitable for all kinds of machines.  They are also work well where there are small space requirements.

The contact blocks can be easily snapped on. The Quartron Juwel operators can be ordered with black or charcoal bezels. These square buttons also have square mounting holes to allow for a close flush mount to the panel.

Suitable Contact Blocks
BTL Contact Block



3mm travel

Lamp socket T5.5K (telephone slide base) or W2x4.6d (wedge base)

Connection = Fast-on terminals 2.8x0.8mm or PCB mount terminals or screw connections

C Contact Block


3mm travel

Lamp socket T5.5K (telephone slide base)

Connection = PCB mount terminals