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Macromatic is a highly responsive, independently owned provider of Industrial Control & Monitoring products. Our goal is simple--to establish long-term customer value.

With over 30 years of experience, we have tailored our capabilities to accommodate your special requirements. We try our best to make it easy for you to do business with us.

ISP Plug-in Intrinsically Safe Relays
LCP Series - Liquid Level Control Relays
Macromatic Full Catalog
Alternating Relays
ARP Alternating Relays
ATP Triplex Alternating Relays
Current Monitoring
CAH, COH & CUH Series - Current Sensing Relays
CMP, CMKP, COP, COKP & CUP Series - Current Monitoring Relays
Phase Monitoring
PAP Series - Three-Phase Monitor Relays
PAP, PCP & PLP Phase Monitoring Relays (Series A)
PCP Series - Three-Phase Monitor Relays
PMD Series - Three-Phase Monitor Relay
PMP Series - Three-Phase Monitor Relays
Series B - PMD Phase Monitor Relays
Seal Leak & Over Temperature
SFP Series - Seal Leak Relays
TCP Series - Seal Leak & Over Temperature relays
Compact Plug-In Time Delay Relays
Modular Style Time Delay Relays
Series B - SS-4 Plug-in Time Delay Relays With Quick Connect Terminals
TAA1U Analog Timer
TAA2U Analog Timer
TAD1U Timer
TD-7 Series - Digital-Set Time Delay Relay
TD-781,702,705,708,715 & 719 Digital-Set Time Delay Relays, Series A
TD-8 Series - Digital-Set Time Delay Relay
TD-8 Serioes - Digital-Set Single-Function Time Delay Relay
THL, THR & THS Series Encapsulated Time Delay Relays
THR-3816U, THR-3836U, & THR-3856U Encapsulated Time Delay Relays
Time Ranger III Digital-Set/Multi-Function Time Delay Relay
Time Ranger Multi-Range and Standard Plug-In Time Delay Relays
Time Ranger Programmable Multi-Function Multi-Range Plug-In Time Delay Relay
Time Ranger Programmable Multi-Function Multi-Range Plug-In Time Delay Relay
Time Ranger TR-6 Programmable Plug-In Time Delay Relays
TR-5 Non-Programmable Plug-In Time Delay Relays
Voltage Monitoring
VAKPU and VWKPU Voltage Monitoring Relays
VMP Voltage Monitoring Relays
VMP, VAKP & VWKP Series - Voltage Monitor Relays
VMP, VAP & VWP Series - Voltage Monitoring Relays
Voltage Monitoring Relay