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Cam Switches

Value Added Cam Switch Assembly

Solenoid Lock

Our Custom Track assembly department can supply any rotary cam switch with the option to electrically lock rotation of the switch handle. A supply voltage of 12, 24 volts DC and 120, 240 volts AC are standard offerings. Other voltages are available.  The switch can be locked by energizing or de-energizing the solenoid.

Full Rated Busbar

Unsurpassed in our ability to properly bus switch connections. Count on EPC to supply your switch utilizing properly sized busbar that minimize your wiring connections. We are unique in this capability. This will help you in your installation by minimizing your wiring requirements and reducing wire bending area.

Tandem Operator

The most robust design in the industry, exclusive to EPC.  The tandem operator gives us the ability to design very large cam switches. Two or three switch columns can be joined together to operate from a single handle.

 Wired Switches / Enclosed Switches

Another EPC exclusive, we can supply your switch with precut and lugged wires already attached to the switch. We can also enclose your switch in a wide range of enclosures to meet your specifications.  The enclosures could include items like terminal blocks, circuit breakers, and instrument current transformers.