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Transfer Switches

Value Added Transfer Switch Assembly

Contact EPC for your transfer switch requirements. Our in-house design team will put together a switch or control panel that will meet your requirements. Tranfer switches are available up to 3000 amps in manual or motorized configurations. A complete system package may include breakers or fuses in combination with one of our switches, all housed in an enclosure, ready for installation.


Trensafer SwitchOur rotary cam switch line can be set up anywhere from 0 to well over 1000 amps in either a break before make or make before break configuration.  Strictly a manual configuration, there are many options that are available.  We offer the ability to switch more than 4 poles at a time. A highly customizable switch. Contact us with your specifics.


xfr coet swCoet is a well known supplier of disconnect, load break and transfer switches in Europe. We offer this line as a supplement to our other products. This product is capable of up to 4 poles at 3000 amps. Manual and motor operated versions are available. A very cost competitive product with a high level of quality design.  

Contact us with your requirements.