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Schlegel D Series Contact Blocks


Part No:
DT Socket
Contact Blocks (momentary):
1 NC  DTO  
1 NC late break DTON  
1 NO DTI  
1 NO early make DTIV  
Lamp/Connector Modules:
Lamp Module Only  DL  BA9S
Dummy Module  DB  
Module Holders:
For up to 3 elements  DRM  
For second level  DMA  

When using the module holder type DMR max. 3 modules can be used in the first plane.
In turn, 3 planes can be assembled maximumly, whereas on the 2nd and 3rd plane only 2 modules each should be used.
From the 2nd plane a special module holder DMA must be used at the end.

Connection Type
Safe-to-touch (acc. to VDE 0106 sect. 100 and VBG4) Cage-Clamp connections.

Technical data
Safe-to-touch connections acc. to VDE 0106 T100 and VBG4
VDE 0630 sect 1 / EN 61058-1
IEC 1058-1
Category D
400 VAC/10(5)A

Suitable actuators:
- DUX-Standard