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Schlegel E Series Contact Blocks

block et

Note: Contact blocks shown below are only a small sampling of what is available. Please open the attached PDF catalog for a complete list including detailed specifications as well as the bulbs available for this lightedunits in this series.

(Typ) Type Description
etr ETR Contact block, momentary, 1-NC/1-NO
ETR2 Contact block, momentary, 2-NC/2NO
ETLR Illuminated, momentary, 1-NC/1-NO + BA9 socket
ETLR2 Illuminated, momentary, 2-NC/2NO + BA9 socket
EL9R Lampholder BA9s
L9R Lampholder BA9s
ET-1 ET Contact block, momentary for base-plate mounting,
1NC/1NO with centering ring
EL9 Lampholder BA9s for base-plate mounting,


Technical Data:
Safe-to-touch connections acc.
to VDE 0106 T100 and VBG4
VDE 0660 sect 200/EN60947-5-1
IEC 947-5-1
AC 15 A600; lth: 10A
250 VAC/10 (6)A; 400 VAC/6A
Suitable actuators:
- DUX-Standard